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Sparkling Cidertini

One of my favorite parts of entertaining is creating the perfect libation for my guests to enjoy. A festive cocktail is a great way to greet your guests, and this one cannot get any easier! Thanksgiving meals can be quite hectic to pull together. This libation comes together super fast and is easy enough for guests to assemble on their own, once your bar is prepped with ingredients. This frees you up to focus on enjoying your company.  To me, the holidays are about being with those we love and making lovely memories. I hope your guests love this festive drink as much as mine do! 


A special thank you to our friend's at Southern Vintage for providing the beautiful vintage stemware! 


1.5 oz Vodka   I love Tito's  
2oz Quality Apple Cider
1.5 oz Spiced Sparking Cider

Shake vodka and apple cider in cocktail shaker over ice until cold.
 Pour into glass, top spiced sparkling cider,
  garnish with dried apple slice, cinnamon stick and star anise. 

I love using the Cider & Spice from R.W. Knudsen

Tip #1 
I sliced my Honeycrisp apples with my favorite knife in my kitchen, the Cutco Cheese Knife. I then bake them off ( One of my kitchen terms my dear Auntie Mary Nan embedded in my brain)
at 275 degrees for about an hour.
 Tip #2
Soak your apples in salt water to prevent browning. Thanks Cindy Bruce with Blooming Flour Bakery for sharing this info with me as my picky eating daughter will not eat apples that have been soaked in lemon juice. The salt brine will not affect the flavor of your apple! 

I am so glad you stopped by and I look forward to more holiday entertaining tips which hopefully
 add little "Southern Flair" to your life.  Happy Entertaining!!


  1. I can't wait to try this with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Great tip about soaking the apples in brine!!! So glad you shared this recipe!!!

    1. Thanks so much Caroline, I hope you all enjoy!


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